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About Freedom in Intimacy 

Hi there! I'm Jacee and my passion is all things sex, pleasure, and intimacy.


As a Certified Sex Coach and practicing Clinical Sexologist I work with people to transform their sex lives, and move beyond the blockages that get in their way of happy and satisfying sexual experiences.


My journey began just before becoming sexually active myself, as a young person wanting to know EVERYTHING I could before embarking on my sexual debut. From there grew an insatiable curiosity that led me to workshops, books, writing every paper in college on a sexual topic that I could, and even working in the pleasure product industry as a retail manager and writer.

Now, I'm credentialed through the most up-to-date and comprehensive training program as a Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist. At the root of my work lies a passion for the sexual liberation of all people. I believe that our sexual wellness and freedom plays a significant role in the collective healing of the whole world. My perspective on sexual well-being is science-based and holistic, with an emphasis on accurate information and personal empowerment.

Ultimately I aim to encourage others to find their power through trust and love. 


I'd love to connect with you! Thanks for stopping by.

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