About Freedom in Intimacy 

Hello! I am Jacqueline Niblett and I'm a college student studying with the aspirations of becoming a sex researcher, educator and counselor. I began my "research" just before becoming sexually active, with the desire to know more about the journey I was about to embark on. Now, I am seeking with this blog to not only share the knowledge I've accumulated but also to continue to learn more. Freedom in Intimacy is about having open and honest conversations in order to break the taboo of sex. It is about transforming our relationships (with ourselves and others) through vulnerability. I hope to encourage others to find their power the same way I did, through trust and love. 

Other than running this blog and studying Sex Education, I also host women's circles and work full time at an adult store based in Central Pennsylvania..

My passion is all things sexuality and pleasure - I'd love to connect with you! Thanks for stopping by.

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