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Moon Blood

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Long long ago.. Before the age of Industrialization.. Women used to bleed with the moon.

We were so in touch with our mother nature that the moon pushed and pulled our tides as well as the oceans. We were one ocean, all connected, all tuned in with the rest of life.

Women used to gather during this time too. We used to sit in Red Tents for the entirety of our miraculously synced-up menstrual cycles together. We used this time to bleed and feel and do spiritual work that would heal the Earth. See, there exists our reality and then that which is beyond our comprehension. Whether you call it God, the universe, or whatever else. It is not always within our reach. There exists a veil and I believe we gathered while we bled because that veil becomes thinner while we bleed. Have you ever felt this? More in touch with your body, more connected to the deeper parts of yourself? We gathered in Red Tents together to move into deeper spaces together. It was treated as a sacred and spiritual and beautiful time.

I’ve tried to continue this tradition in my own life. It’s not always a full moon and we’re not always menstruating together but the amazing women in my life and I gather in order to connect with ourselves and each other. We hold space, support and encourage each other. It’s a tribute to our sacred femininity.

The following is another tribute to The Divine Feminine - a poem I wrote about the sacred moon blood that serves us all.

Moon Blood

Moon blood screams.

Pokes and prods until you are so open you have no choice but to feel everything.

Moon blood speaks. Gives you information and messages. It tunes you in. It opens the gates. Teaches us to let go and renew - how can I feel so vulnerable and powerful at the same time?

I bleed with the tides.

The moon pushes and pulls my womb it contracts and contracts pushes pushes gives me the power to birth life. To bring from the heavens to Earth

Moon blood speaks

says “you are a passageway, a canal or a river for life - all of life fits inside of you and then bleeds out”

My blood can heal.

My blood makes me feel.

My blood teaches me how to build and destroy - how to taste a moment.

My blood teaches me how to cry.

It reminds me that feelings and blood are the same. Flowing continuously - never staying for long but always returning.

My blood is ancient. Sacred.

It carries vessels and love. Moon blood is life and death right here in my womb. On my panties. All over my hands.

No wonder they’re afraid.

(photography by Anna Heinze - )

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