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Women's Circles

a place to connect with your divine sisterhood

Scroll to read my version of the ancient practice of women gathering...

I created these circles because I was feeling the need for a sacred space specifically carved out for the young girls in my life and myself to have in order to share and learn from our feminine power.


I believe this female energy we all have inside of us is often suppressed or ignored so it is not able to be used to its full potential. I wanted to create a space where we could all connect and tap into this power


I was seeing a lot of the young women around me feeling lost and dis-empowered. Even worse, I was seeing girls I knew tearing each other down and competing, instead of joining forces and lifting each other up. That's what these circles are about. Women empowering women.


I know in my heart that when women gather with clear intentions - that a magical transformation can happen, starting with us and extending out to our communities and then the world. When women come together - no force is able to oppress us.


The goal of these circles is to educate, inspire, and empower young girls. It is to heal ancestral wounds. It is to give people access to a space that allows them to be vulnerable enough to connect with their sisters, to give them a solid foundation of support that they can then take out into the world with them. 

If you would like any further information about these circles (questions, suggestions, information about joining) please don't hesitate to contact me through my about page

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