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What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is a holistic, person-centered, and sex-positive way to address challenges or concerns around your sexual experiences with a trained professional. To be specific, it is the clinical (work with clients) application of sexology (the study of sex). This means that I use my training and education about sex to help people one-on-one through the challenges they face. 


Some examples of things that can be addressed in sex coaching are: issues around orgasm, body image, erections, desire, relationship styles, or communication. I focus on what you want to achieve, and I help you get there.


Sex coaching is not therapy (or a replacement for therapy). It’s also not sex work as it is strictly talk-only. 

What Sex Coaching Clients Have to Say:

“Over the course of a single session, Jacee preempted the questions I planned to ask and provided answers that were thought-provoking. She’s insightful and observant, opening a dialogue between me and my partner that we likely would have stumbled through, otherwise. If you have issues with sex or relationships, I’d highly recommend Jacee!” - John


“Our meeting was a great opportunity to open up and be vulnerable while maintaining comfort. I learned a lot about myself and my own intentions within intimate relationships. It is without a doubt something I would do again. I used the suggestions that were given to me, and have been better able to understand my own actions and what I want out of them since.” - Zach

My Services:

Sliding scale pricing available on all services

Individual Coaching - $100/hour

Empower yourself with me as your guide to fully experience your sexual potential. Through active listening, personalized sex education, assessments and tailored action plans - I will work with you to transform your sex life into one that is fulfilling and satisfying for you. Through a holistic and evidence-based lens, we develop a plan to address your concerns and I support you every step of the way. All sessions are 100% talk-only, and offered in-person or via zoom.

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Couples Coaching - $150/hour

Facing challenges as a couple? This is your opportunity to work with a trained professional on your sexual relationship. Navigating conversations about sex can feel tricky - I can help calm the waters. Through personally tailored action plans, guidance, support, and a safe container we work together to reach your specific goals as a couple. All sessions are 100% talk-only, and offered in-person or via zoom.

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Chat with a Sexologist - $60

This is for you if you want to “pick my brain” about a certain topic, have a few quick questions you want a professional opinion on, or need a safe space to talk about your sexual concern without embarking on a full coaching journey. This is a shorter conversation that can take place over the phone, in the DMS, or over text/email.

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